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Senior Cooperative Housing

What Members Say

Woman tending flowers on patioWhat do cooperative members say they value about the senior cooperative lifestyle? Read on.

We have catered dinners, we go out to restaurants, we ride our bikes, we walk around the pond together. It’s a healthy lifestyle. And I don’t have to worry about the upkeep, mowing the grass, having the driveway plowed, or a leaky faucet. My worries are just over.

—Donna P., Applewood Pointe Cooperative of Roseville

We’re all owners — that gives a different perspective. We’re helping each other.

— Carla R., Applewood Pointe Cooperative of New Brighton

It has provided an opportunity for home ownership without constant maintenance issues. It is a wonderful way to make new friends and stay engaged in an active lifestyle.

— Doris S., Valley View Cooperative of Eden Prairie

I love being able to leave on vacation and not worry.

— Thomas D., Summerhill Cooperative of Maplewood

I feel very very safe, it’s affordable for a single person to live here, and there are lots of activities.

— Nora S., Valley View Cooperative of Eden Prairie

Having coffeeI’m able to have control of my life without many of the disadvantages of individual home ownership.

— Vern M., Applewood Pointe Cooperative of New Brighton

The family atmosphere, in a community with many activities.

— Carol A., Realife Cooperative of Burnsville

I do not feel alone. There is always someone here should I need help, advice or friendship.

— Josie F., Realife Cooperative of Burnsville

The sense of safety and community. And I appreciate the fixed maintenance costs.

— Anonymous, Gramercy Park Cooperative at Lake Shore Drive, Richfield

Feeling independent, yet part of a community.

— Brad M., Applewood Pointe Cooperative of Roseville

Woman reading in libraryThe feeling and support of other residents who have become my “family.”

— Mary N., Applewood Pointe Cooperative of Roseville

The friendly atmosphere, and support in good and bad times. You can be as social or unsocial as you want.

— JoAnn C., Realife Cooperative of Burnsville

The secure building, which gives us the ability to travel without concerns. Our home offers the right size living space for our lifestyle.

— Dick W., Applewood Pointe Cooperative of Bloomington, Southtown

People working out in co-op fitness centerWe all enjoy each other so much here, we’re like one big family now. You care about everybody so much, and they care about you.

—Dick B., Realife Cooperative of Coon Rapids

The sense of community and pride of ownership.

— Maureen M., Gramercy Park Cooperative of Plymouth

The community, the sense of ownership, the opportunities, the freedom, the sense of support in a setting where you can be who you are — plus the economic advantages.

— Curtis J., Kildahl Park Pointe Cooperative

Man enjoying washing car

The opportunity to keep busy, with a variety of opportunities to help others.

— Bill B., Gramercy Park Cooperative Northwest of Plymouth

Great community spirit and great friends.

— Judy S., Realife Cooperative of Coon Rapids

You can have all the benefits of a community of like-minded people who are of a similar age. It all seems to come together very nicely. I recommend the lifestyle. I really do.

— Fred G., Kildahl Park Pointe Cooperative

Had I known about this lifestyle, we might have done it six, eight, ten years sooner.

— John S., Applewood Pointe Cooperative of Roseville