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Senior Cooperative Housing

Calculate Your Savings

You can use the calculator below to determine the total you pay each month for your housing and related services. The total will automatically be calculated as you add or adjust the amounts in each field.

When you have your total, you can print this page and take it with you when you meet with the managers of cooperatives you may be interested in. They will be able to show you how your current housing costs compare to the costs at their cooperative.

Enter figures without dollar signs or commas: e.g., “1200” or “30.47”

Your Current Monthly Housing Costs:

Senior Cooperative Monthly Costs:

Monthly Fee: $________

Telephone: $________

Cable TV: $________

Internet Service: $________

Heat: $________

Electricity / AC: $________

Water / Sewer: INCLUDED

Garbage / Recycling: INCLUDED

Real Estate Taxes: INCLUDED

Property Insurance: INCLUDED

Renters / Homeowners Ins: $________

Reserves: INCLUDED

Property Maintenance: INCLUDED

Home Repairs: INCLUDED


Grounds Landscaping: INCLUDED

Snow Removal: INCLUDED

Security / Fire System: INCLUDED

Parking / Wash Bay: INCLUDED

Management Services: INCLUDED

Sched. Transportation: INCLUDED

Community Rooms: INCLUDED

Total: $________