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Senior Cooperative Housing


Senior Couple Exercising In ParkHow would you spend your time:

  • If you didn’t have to devote time and energy to home and yard maintenance anymore, except for the parts you enjoy?
  • If you no longer had to shovel the driveway or wrestle with the snow blower on a frigid morning?
  • If you were living in a well-designed, uncluttered, one- or two-bedroom home, so that even the routine activities of cleaning and tidying were cut in half — or more?
  • If your living expenses were reduced, providing you with more disposable income?
  • If you could travel for days, weeks or months without worrying about your home?

Senior cooperative living is easy living that sets you free to do the things you like to do. Go for long walks. Take classes. Invite friends to dinner. Go out to dinner. Play with the grandkids. Go fishing. Knit a sweater. Grow the best tomatoes ever. Finish that quilt. Refinish a chair. Laugh with your neighbor. Go to plays and concerts. Go to the ballgame. Stay home and read a book. Plan your next trip. Go away in the winter. Go away in the summer.

Or just hang around and see what’s going to happen next — because at the cooperative, there will always be something.